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Advice on using&maintenance of injection moulding tools (2)

Jul. 17, 2020

Advice on using&maintenance of injection moulding tools (2) 

6. For moulds with special requirements on the cavity surface, the surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.2cm. It is absolutely not allowed to be wiped with hand or cotton silk, blown with compressed air, or lightly wiped with alcohol with advanced napkins and absorbent cotton.

7. The surface of the cavity should be cleaned regularly. During the moulding process, the injection mould often decomposes the low-molecular compound to corrode the mould cavity, so that the surface of the bright cavity gradually becomes dull and reduces the quality of the product. Therefore, regular scrubbing is required. For scrubbing, alcohol or ketone preparations should be used to dry after scrubbing.

Advice on using

8. When the operation requires a temporary shutdown, the mould should be closed to prevent the cavity and core from being exposed to prevent accidental damage. The shutdown time is expected to exceed 24 hours. Spray anti-rust oil on the surface of the cavity and core Or mould release agent, especially in wet areas and rainy season, anti-rust treatment should be done no matter how short it is.

Water vapour in the air will reduce the surface quality of the mould cavity and the surface quality of the product. When the mould is used again, the oil on the mould should be removed, and it can be used after it is cleaned. The compressed air required to clean the mirror is dried and then dried with hot air, otherwise, it will ooze out during moulding and cause defects in the product.

9. Turn on the machine after a temporary shutdown. After opening the mould, check whether the slider limit moves. If there is no abnormality, the mould can be closed. In short, you must be careful before turning on the machine, and you should not be careless.

10. In order to prolong the service life of the cooling water channel, when the mould is stopped, the water in the cooling water channel should be immediately removed with compressed air, put a small amount of engine oil into the mouth of the nozzle, and then blown with compressed air to make all the cooling pipes have a layer Anti-rust oil layer.