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Advice on using&maintenance of injection moulding tools (3)

Aug. 13, 2020

Advice on using&maintenance of injection moulding tools (3)

11. Carefully check the working status of each control component during work to prevent abnormalities in the auxiliary system, heating, and maintenance of the control system are particularly important for hot runner molds. At the end of each production period, the rod heaters, band heaters, and thermocouples should be measured with Omu, and compared with the technical specifications of the mold to ensure that its functions are intact. At the same time, the control loop may pass the test of the ammeter installed in the loop. The oil in the hydraulic cylinder used for core pulling is emptied as much as possible, and the oil nozzle is sealed to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking or polluting the surrounding environment during storage and transportation.

12. If you hear abnormal noise from the mold or other abnormal situations during production, you should stop the machine immediately for inspection. The mold maintenance personnel shall conduct patrolling inspections of the molds in the workshop that are operating normally. If any abnormalities are found, they shall be dealt with in time.

13. When the operator is handing over shifts, in addition to handing over the production and process critical records, he must also give a detailed account of the mold usage.

14. When the mold has completed the production quantity and needs to be dismounted to replace other molds, the mold cavity should be coated with an anti-rust agent, the mold and its accessories should be sent to the mold maintenance staff, and the last mold produced qualified products as Send the samples to the maintenance staff together. In addition, a list of mold use should be submitted, detailing which machine tool the mold is on, how many products have been produced from a certain year, a certain month, and a certain day, and whether the current mold is good. If there is a problem with the mold, fill in the mold on the used sheet, propose specific requirements for modification and improvement, and submit an unprocessed sample to the custodian for reference when the mold is repaired.

15. A mold library should be set up, managed by a dedicated person, and mold files should be established. If possible, computer management of the mold should be implemented. The mold warehouse should choose a place with low humidity and ventilation, and the temperature should be kept below 70%. If the humidity exceeds 70%, the mold is easy to rust. The mold should be stored on the shelf, and pay attention to corrosion and dust prevention. It must be marked with signs that require repair or completion of repairs and maintenance.